Pulp city

Nature finds her way to tell us,

the magic of a tree not meant to be

snapped about in ferocious winds

asking for a speedy demise.

He skillfully cuts here and there

the magician of lumberjacking goes about his way

and I hold the tether and feel the vibration

through my hands and touching my soul,

I always felt it was the tears of a trunk

letting me know that it was okay,

when nothing lasts forever and time is so precious,

for safety we say farewell

two stories plus tall she takes her final bow

and slips down in her place meant for cushioning the blow

she rolls once then nothing more.

I walk to her side and peer at the center

where lifeblood flowed until it didn’t

and see within her a skyline sublime

so grabbing my camera captured her,

the inner essence of her final beauty

and bid a quiet farewell with this post,

thank you for the gifts of shade

and the magic banana flowers you showered us with,

I won’t mention the billions of leaves

which gave my muscles work

raking endlessly as you continued on your way

climbing higher to the sky

before the fateful Irma day.

Our “magic banana” tree as of a few minutes ago is no longer. She snapped at the top during Irma and because she is not a strong tree (more weed tree than anything) we trimmed all week the branches and today, lopped the balance down. In her center was what looked like a skyline. Photos by me.