Pulp city

Nature finds her way to tell us,

the magic of a tree not meant to be

snapped about in ferocious winds

asking for a speedy demise.

He skillfully cuts here and there

the magician of lumberjacking goes about his way

and I hold the tether and feel the vibration

through my hands and touching my soul,

I always felt it was the tears of a trunk

letting me know that it was okay,

when nothing lasts forever and time is so precious,

for safety we say farewell

two stories plus tall she takes her final bow

and slips down in her place meant for cushioning the blow

she rolls once then nothing more.

I walk to her side and peer at the center

where lifeblood flowed until it didn’t

and see within her a skyline sublime

so grabbing my camera captured her,

the inner essence of her final beauty

and bid a quiet farewell with this post,

thank you for the gifts of shade

and the magic banana flowers you showered us with,

I won’t mention the billions of leaves

which gave my muscles work

raking endlessly as you continued on your way

climbing higher to the sky

before the fateful Irma day.

Our “magic banana” tree as of a few minutes ago is no longer. She snapped at the top during Irma and because she is not a strong tree (more weed tree than anything) we trimmed all week the branches and today, lopped the balance down. In her center was what looked like a skyline. Photos by me.


25 thoughts on “Pulp city

  1. She was supposed to be picked up this week but looks like it may now be a few weeks….sigh, she has turned brown and begun her final descent….thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed this, it felt good to honor her in this way πŸ™‚

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  2. This not too long! You have no idea how blessed your customer was that you were there, and knew what to do! Huge kudos for walking out and following your heart ❀️. And for knowing when it’s time to leave. The universe is applauding! Can you hear it? πŸ¦‹πŸπŸœπŸŒΏπŸŒžπŸŒΎπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’œπŸ’•

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  3. Thanks E, I prayed on the job, kept finding little nudges along the week each day. I’m at peace with it for if I stay, it means I’m willing to endure verbal abuse and I refuse…..nothing’s going to change so I will change to suit my needs. It was such a freeing day. I was told to expect a low amount for my car, and meditated on three phone #s and the one I picked, offered triple what I expected. Then I found yet another feather and solidified my decision on the job. As soon as I did that, I felt like the world was lifted off of my shoulders. Freeing to say the least. But the bonus, and not in a great way was a customer who came in that I helped who told me I helped her the last time she was in and that there should be more like me. I am blessed and honored to help my customers while working for a manager who belittles you in front of customers. A woman came in today who asked for a chair, after picking out her items said she wasn’t feeling well and I noticed she had bandages on her arm, asked if she just gave blood…there’s a sign out a few doors down and she said yes, she had. I rushed around from behind the counter mid way through ringing her up, yelled for a coworker to bring a chair….as she slowly walks up with the chair and an odd look on her face, I told her to hustle but too late. The woman started to go down so I tried to buffer her body with my own so that she wouldn’t go down too hard, she took me down with her but her head hit the floor from less tHan a few inches distance instead of the full effect, she was about five six, I’m five five…..yelled for coworker to wet paper towels with cold water and put them on her forehead, talking to her…remembering her name from her beauty card….her male companion was In Shock, coworker stood by with mouth on the floor…..I saw her eyes begin to roll back again and told the man to go to blood bank, get juice and help….it all worked out okay but once they got her stabilized and walked her back over to their place…the man was in tears and kept thanking me….damn, I’m blessed indeed. I was shaking the entire time but took charge…..so I’m where I need to be often at the right time and left work feeling good with all of the decisions I made today….sorry this is so long but I know you’ll understand. I do have purpose, I won’t put up with abuse and everything works out for reasons and purposes beyond my fathomingπŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•πŸ’š

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  4. A fine farewell. There is always a bit of sadness when a tree is cut, I sometimes even say, “I’m sorry!” when I’m yanking weeds. But as you point out, nothing lasts forever, all meet an end (recycling) eventually.

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  5. It’s always sad to take down trees but sounds like this was a necessity. And your poem is a beautiful tribute. I love that you felt as you did (being a tree hugger here) and I’m sure your tree felt the love. 😊❣️ (And I love those photos, Kim!)


  6. So much of our world lives in these little things around us …they have given us beautiful gifts and memories …and they take away that piece of our world with them …and we welcome new gifts and new beginnings. I admire how you create poetry on everything life.

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  7. What a kind, fond farewell! The photo at the top is especially stunning. A living core now vanquished. And a sunny writing room emerges! Spectacular! Cleaning up…and, I see above, changing your work status. Sounds like serious business, Kim. More power to you and your dreams! πŸ™‚
    Elouise, and Lucy who hopes (with me) that she’s never brought to her knees by an Irma.

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  8. She snapped up top during Irma, but now the corner of the house, where the blue writing room sits is bathed with sunshine. Gave the blue a new hue. It’s for the best, she wasn’t suited for hurricanes like the oaks are, but I did love those huge lovely flowers and she knows she was thanks SuzetteπŸ’œπŸ˜Š

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  9. I was singing it as we pulled her down, no damage to the fence,,house or us for that matter…..love the song…smiling and now know what I will be singing all day. Thanks G-manπŸŒ³πŸ‚

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  10. Thank you Sheldon,
    A good day even though we had to let the tree go,
    Sold my car to a junk dealer….will be gone this week
    And have decided to give notice at work.
    I feel so light suddenly,
    A cleansing in a way. Simplifying and knowing
    I can’t expect things to change
    If I’m not the one to initiate said change.
    Hope you’re not in too much pain,
    Work those muscles,
    They will thank you later,
    Just don’t overdo it of course.
    Healing thoughts and prayers my friend,
    As Kim, always and always.


  11. Something about that picture captures the eyes… love the details of what is left behind…
    So sorry that the damn storm took her life and a piece of you with it… great memories I am sure… I hate to chop down trees or when they need to be down due to sickness in the tree… we had to cut a big old one down that was so beautiful in the front yard… it was rotting and had a sickness that couldn’t be fixed so we had to hire someone to come and cut it down … we planted a new tree but dad forgot what the people said “not within 50 feet) so it died too…
    again I am sorry to hear you had to cut a beautiful one down…
    but glad that you are safe : )

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