We find the beauty in others,
gentle grace comes drifting into our atmosphere
flitting about leaving magic in their wake
sprinkles of goodness
and love that knows no bounds.
Places and new faces
they move about never resting
delicately the move, hovering casting shadows
as large as birds beneath the winter sun.
We are grateful for these gifts
as we receive and are reminded
of yesterdays and tomorrows yet to be,
still giving their gifts
through memories and phone calls,
conversations in the darkest hours
that we know we are never alone
and the energy of a friend
lingers long after the darkest storm,
buoying us into brighter days
where waters run clear
and waves edge in smooth like glass,
reflections we see in our universe
passing love to love
and in return filling our cups
and then turning to fill another’s,
we are butterflies in the wind
scattered about spreading a smile
and beauty with all that we touch.

A friend I finally met in Key West a few years ago has found me again after I had moved and the old phone number no longer worked. She gathered me up in her energy hug from across a thousand plus miles and helped to see me through the storm of life and my consciousness. This picture was taken back then but she is a butterfly truly, setting down when least expected and spreading her light and shine on all she meets. Love you Havalynn ❀

Version 2

Version 2

13 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Such an uplifting poem again, Kim. The universe sends gifts when we open to them, and you’re reminding us of that. Happy you found your friend again – delightful photo! 🌸


  2. Oh, Kim! You are so eloquent with you words and the touching ways your able to use them to express your hear’s sentiments so that they resonate within. I love you all over again, Kim! Your poetry is so kind and beautiful and causes my cup to overflow. You words mean so much to me and I’m both humbled and deeply honored to receive this, for your friendship and for your presence in my life. With gratitude and so much love…Thank you so much, Kim! ❀ ❀ ❀


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