Strength thru change

We pick our battles
carefully sorting out the small from large
watching and listening
we gather together that which serves
and fills the soul with the best of things.
Kindness and compassion
so often unseen in this late everyday world
we look into another’s eyes
really seeing the essence of the soul within,
holding it gently
cradled like a newborn
for this body is new to our world,
new to our circle that increases as we wander
tribes of like minded thoughts patterned
we scoop up like fall leaves
creating a pile of laughing moments
as children we all dive in
scattering about after a days hard work,
we inhale the scent of change on the air
and become one with the transition
of a rising sun.
I cannot look behind
to see the pillars of salt standing
those who did not heed the teaching
left crying for themselves
never see into the mirror
the lack of reflection in a vampires smile,
we hold hands moving forward
creating our destiny
where love and peace and faith reign supreme,
we take the steps
toward the glory of the distant horizon.

I put in my notice at work yesterday. Never good with confrontation, expecting the worst but calm and professional I remained at all times. The weight that was lifted after speaking the words flooded over me like a beautiful gentle rain and I walked away with my head held high, after seeing yet again another example of downright nasty rude behavior from she who shall not be named. Two weeks and I’m flying free, happily not sacrificing my soul to the emotional vampire who holds high court over the aisles. Yay….freedom never felt so freeing. Don’t ever let anyone bully you and treat you like less than the amazing person you are. Don’t let ’em dim your light and keep on being the beautiful soul that you are. It’s funny, she never asked me why I’m leaving….perhaps she’s heard that tune before and has changed the channel.