On autumn wings

We are the shared sounds
a thousand butterfly wings beating
changing as seasons move past us
like sepia toned images
of our thousand days of life gone by.

We filter through soundlessly
changing form and space
with the whisper of wind we flow
on gentle breezes we become
a new image of our selves.

We move forward into a new day
colours blend with the backdrop of others
not yet ready for their time to shine
and days get shorter as the cool of tomorrow comes,
the frost will etch the veins of withering leaves.

We will tremble with the moment
as we get swept away to the next waiting stage
to sleep and perhaps to feel within
the awakening of our lifes dream
captured in our beauty
blissfully awaiting it all.

15 thoughts on “On autumn wings

  1. May those wings beat upon the wind and create a ripple across the world that sends the message of Love.. Autumn is truly here.. And as each leaf falls.. It is gathered up by the earth to replenish and sustain it for another season..
    Love and Blessings dearest Kim.. Your heart is one with our earth.. ❤ 💛💚💜

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  2. Thanks Eliza, feeling kind of fallish, even have a lovely purple green shade cabbage? In a bouquet of flowers on the table, will post his week with it…hubby asked me if I’m going to eat it when I’m done😃

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  3. Thanks Tre, down here it’s almost the same old same old every day….the pic was from our old home so I still live seasonally from old photos and memories….nights here have actually been comfy….gotta work today so then football, yay😊💜


  4. I am eagerly awaiting true Autumn. This mess we are currently experiencing here is not the face of Autumn that I know. Too much heat, however, cooler weather is on its way soon. I love this, Kim!

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