Built for you

I drafted a circle in the sand
digging deeper and deeper
waiting for the tide to shift,
to change and move
filling the indent
pooling and swirling
reflections of clouded skies
and just a hint of sunlight
whispering through.
A moat around the castle,
grains of sand built up and smoothed
circles upon circles rising
backdrop like a real life play
no curtains to hide
just pieces of structures standing strong,
built to withstand this life.
I imagined it for you
cast of dreams and beauty and words
bit by lovely bit pieced together
hand crafted with the wisdom and spirit
that fills to overflowing,
and I gave you a key
to unlock the door to the magic
yours whenever needed
and the coffers are filled
with all of the needs
priceless things indeed
to carry you through
I give this to you
with a special hope that you see
how much you mean to me,
where you are and where you’ll be
just close your eyes and drift away
to castles by the sea
and I’ll meet you there
where the horizon finds the blue
and slips away to unlock the stars
above our heads in their splendor
guiding us home.