SiGnS….signs, everywhere a sign


Thought I was crazy
gone blind as a bat
but I want a car
in a color like that,
carnival cotton in green, pink and blue
and beneath it the rust
would never show through.


We sat at the light
talking this and some that
and right there before us
I saw the word bat,
I wondered ’bout gators
since we have in this state
an abundance of nasties
that must be in need of escape,
but snakes I can see,
and the others, yes too…
but now I can’t go
in the yard in the dark
’cause the zombies are here….
and it’s those most I fear.


What of the birds
who pay no mind,
perhaps a bite of tail feathers
and a loss of behind?

In fun jest today, thinking I’m beginning to be channeling my buddy Graeme
(don’t worry, he’s not dead….he just liked one of my comments so still alive)
rhyming and timing and silly is she (is what he may say)…
okay…I’m done, I promise. Signs found at carwash, Punta Gorda pond and today at the red light in Venice FL. I tried to preview this and my links aren’t showing….sigh….perhaps I shall try….again.