Steady solitude

Arms move back and forth
slow and steady
tai chi rhythm sweeping
the underside of blue.
Skies sit quietly on sidelines
restless mind clears with each movement,
thoughts of diffusing bombs set aside,
the awareness while dreaming
noticing the hues behind closed eyes.
We create our own words
religions set aside to embrace
the loveliness of the whole,
beneath the edge where we no longer see
we lift the corners to sweep away
the sadness found that drains energy.
Words and images of our creation
built like castles raised and torn down
we are the destiny we make
with hands that ache
and each stone touched to know
the silence of the wonder
as we heal while rubbing the wound erased
with kinder words and knowing
in our solitude we are not alone
and the atoms of our creation stand
emitting the frequency
of the likeness of souls.

Beautiful image by: Indian Ocean, Zanzibar by Ramin Hossaini on Flickr.

Thoughts I had today while vacuuming the pool of a few leaves under a beautiful blue sky. Dreams last night that I was diffusing bombs, slow and steady work and then becoming aware that I was dreaming, seeing colors behind my eyes, shades that changed from purple and then to green and feeling myself smile as I gazed into the gentle colors. I love when I have vivid dreams and actually remember them upon waking.

22 thoughts on “Steady solitude

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  2. thanks Betty, I had several last night all over the place, too many to keep track of so no dream poems today πŸ˜‰ I’m sure I’ll come up with something πŸ™‚


  3. ha, I’d fall over out on the beach, I would be too immersed in watching the waves roll in and out, calling my mermaid loveliness to partake in shell hunting πŸ™‚ thanks E ❀

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  4. Oh wow.. that sounds just beautiful Kim.. Lapis is one of my favourites along with Turquoise . I am often wearing pendants with both of these stones.. Love and Hugs dear Kim.. Enjoy your both xxx

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  5. received my blue mala today made of Lapis Lazuli, blue agate and Angelite along with a turquoise bracelet, hand made by a gifted friend. Blue is beautiful and the skies make me cry tears of joy ❀ thanks Sue, for your beautiful comments and for being you ❀

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  6. Those Vivid Dreams are something aren’t they .. And wonderful thoughts here Kim.. “Words and images of our creation built like castles raised and torn down” So true… May you keep on sharing those wonderful thoughts in those moments of solitude Kim.. And I hope those skies stay Blue.. πŸ™‚

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