The thrift store (part 4) The Ring

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Elouise stood up to get help, yelling for a waitress, anyone to assist and then looked back at Gert and the ring only to see it begin turning pink. Gerts skin began to turn a shade of white and Elouise looked up again as two young men came running their way.

I’m a doctor, what’s wrong here, how can I help? The tall blonde man leaned over the table as he looked at Gert. She was moving slowly back and forth in her seat as if she were in an old rocking chair and she gradually looked up into his eyes. He reached out to grab her arm as she began to faint, her body sinking away from him and then he felt the electrical charge as his hand locked on her wrist. A blue arc came from Gerts ring and connected with the wedding band on his finger. The other man looked on shocked at the exchange and the blonde doctor was thrust two feet backwards into his friend. He shook his head as he grasped his own tingling hand and looked back at Gert. She sat huddled in a corner of the booth, face flushed with a hint of pink at the cheeks and her eyes looking around at the scene around her. The ring had stopped glowing and the vibration had stopped.

Gert took a gasp of air, relaxed, and looked at the two men standing beside the table. Can I help you gentlemen? she said quietly as she looked from one to the other. Her eyes rested on the blonde man and she smiled softly. Your name’s Gideon, isn’t it? Yes, I remember you from when you were a baby. You lived over on Quincy, right? Your big brother, he passed when you were just a baby, I remember him. Alex was his name. What a wild child that one was. He says he’s still watching you, proud of the man you become. Said he had to leave so that you could stay, or something like that. She tucked her lips over the straw and took a sip. The men looked at each other and the blonde one turned pale.

Yes, my name is Gideon. Dr. Gideon Burgess. How do you know me? Are you sure you’re feeling alright? With that shock we were a bit worried? He looked cautiously from Gert to the ring. He raised his long fingers and wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and sat down on a seat at the table next to Gerts.

Don’t know what you’re talking about Gideon, a shock? I feel just fine, sitting here drinking this nice almost cold tea and chatting with my friend when you came along. How long you been back in town? Gideon looked at her blankly.

I’ve never met you before in my life. How do you know who I am? This is my first time here, came down on vacation with my partner John here and we just stopped in for a bite to eat before heading over to Sarasota for the new Ringling exhibit. I’ve never lived here. I don’t have a brother, never had a brother. I’m an only child. Gert looked at him nodding as he spoke. He looks perplexed she thought and she smiled gently. Her hand reached out to him but seeing the ring, he pulled away before she could make contact.

Oh, I know you Gideon. You may not remember but I do. You lived here, yep, was a long time ago but I know these things. Got that sixth sense you know, I just know these things. Don’t you worry though, some day when you least expect it, you’ll remember. I have faith, always have the faith, now if you boys will excuse us, I think it’s about time for us to get home. Shopping always tires me a bit and this heat just won’t quit. Nice seeing you all growed up and into a handsome man at that Gideon, and a pleasure John, you boys have fun in the city now.
She sat her napkin down and nodded to Elouise who was looking on still in a state of shock with her mouth open. Come now Elouise, close your mouth before a fly gets in there, let’s get our thrifties and head down the highway, times a wasting and I want to get a better look at that picture. Oh, an I got one more stop to make if you don’t mind….gotta hit the Slobby Lobby to get some glue for my crafting project. You comin’ or not?

Elouise shook her head and slipped out of her seat, setting some money down to pay for their drinks with trembling hands, nodded to the Dr and his friend and followed Gert out the door. She glanced back once at Gideon who sat shaking his head back and forth, his hands motioning in the air animatedly as he spoke to his friend. Elouise turned towards the street, watching Gert move down towards the car. Gert, who at 87 years old, was oddly now walking faster than she had in twenty years. Her cane nowhere in sight. Elouise shook her head and followed her friend.

to be continued…..


34 thoughts on “The thrift store (part 4) The Ring

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  4. Lanai? Had to look it up. Like a porch? Must be quite pleasant. It was quite a ritual in the tropics to linger on porch after sunset, before dinner. I am very glad you managed to “build” yourselves such a pleasant retirement. 🙂 ❤

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  5. For the most part yes, but every night hubs and I sit outside on the lanai with just an overhead fan going, the skies are lovely in the evening and the neighbors rarely venture out so its like we have the world to ourselves😊 then we go in and the house is kept around 78 degrees so as to not have a huge shift, better on the body😊💜

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  7. I liked the Walmart sampling job, but it could be such a frenzy serving 300 people….left that for another at Sally beauty….left that one too due to manager from Mars to say it politely…I hear Mars is hotter than you know where👹 but am enjoying my retired again status at least for now……have an awesome weekend Brian.

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  8. I don’t think we’ve ever discussed that but as a kid I loved/feared that old black and white movie…..I loved he classic horror flicks. Sarasota is about 20 minutes or so away from me, he lives between us and there out on a key, ritzy fenced in place I’m sure…..someone told me he sometimes could be seen in the Walmart where I was a food sample server 😃😱

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  9. Sarasota is close to where you guys live right? Yeah I heard about the co-authoring. (I don0t like that too much. I Think if I were King’s son I would do anything but write…) 🙂
    Haven’t seen the movie yet, nor the series. But weren’t you the one who loves the creature from the black lagoon?

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  10. He and his son just coauthored a book and were at a bookstore in Sarasota hawking it😊 I still need to go see It the new movie, liked the tv series till it got sci fi weird at the end….had read the book first but I was like, what???Giant spider creature…..I was so mad!

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  12. He has a house down here in Casey Key I believe…..does some signing at a book store in Sarasota. Used to read him a lot but I think IT of part of the dark towers series were the last…..good writer😊

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  14. Yes we will get there….patience grasshopper😊 got some more written today too, I’m about three chapters ahead of what I’ve posted so far…7700 words so far, give or take… Frankenstein said….it’s alive! Ha, I’m glad you’re liking it….was afraid people would Peter out on it once strange things started happening….but it will be a great story. Thanks for being you Super E💜💕🌸💖

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  15. Two thumbs up! 👍👍 Strange and stranger things yet to come….😊 I think I’m going to love visiting Slobby Lobby! Assuming we’re going to get there….. 💜

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  17. He knows where it’s going, I told him…he likes his version better but too bad 🙂 I’m the writer 🙂 he can craft his own 🙂 just kidding, or am I 🙂
    have an amazing day Rob ❤

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