Cereal meditation

Thoughts drift on the train
aimlessly thinking off the rails
watching the scenery move
way too fast
getting there much too soon.
OM and breathing
emptiness and cereal thoughts
fill the space
where only breakfast should lay,
but I circle round
in a colorful way
back to the fruit loops
that never come my way.
I see donuts in chocolate
and glaze confection too,
smiling faces bring laughter
but I thought I was five
eating hot dog wraps and pop tarts
for my morning fare,
and now I wonder why
I can only think of rounded oh’s
instead of blissful OM’s
and the fruit loop of thought
keeps rounding the bend
perhaps the rainbow
that brings a smile
or a craving for sweets
from when I was a small child.

Don’t ask why but my mind will not get off the thought of Fruit Loops today, even after a nice peace filled meditation earlier, so I guess they needed to be written about….here you go, spoon by spoon, or at least sentence by sentence, enjoy.


19 thoughts on “Cereal meditation

  1. This was so lovely and I enjoyed your poem so much πŸ™‚ I always love how you can write poetry on any subject – meditation and fruit loops put together sweetly is indeed your unique talent!

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  2. bigger than cheerio’s and fruity flavored, back in the day I’m sure it was all chemicals…and may still be….that’s why they are only in dreams and not my eating reality πŸ™‚ I have a bag of Smarties in front of me as we speak, but they are so light, don’t know if they’d color your lips….but now you know I’ve got to go check, right? haha peace and love Sue ❀

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  3. Is that what these are.. Fruit Loop? cheerio’s?? Such an enjoyable poem.. I wonder,, are these hoops dyed with fruit juice or E numbers.. πŸ˜€
    I remember Smarties as a child.. and colouring my lips with the red ones.. πŸ˜€

    Have a perfect weekend Kim.. xxx ❀

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  4. I love all the loops and circles and oh’s and round doughnuts and Om’s in this and how the poem itself circles about. Left me hungry for a chocolate doughnut though! πŸ˜‹
    Really enjoyed this one, Kim.

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  5. I have some red left from my last birthday lol don’t know if it’s still any good since it’s been a year lol…it was to dry and gave me a headache the dr said that wine can trigger migraines n we didn’t even have that much at all (honest) and the next few days after I was so sick n bed with a headache from hell throwing up and everything…
    I have been wanting to try Pinot Grigio how does that taste???… sounds like a lovely yummy dinner…I am on my way hehehe

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  6. Ohhh I see lol…hey wine is good too…what kind do you favor over others??? …I like that every hour is happy hour heheh… Oh after 4…well it’s always 4 some place heeh…I like sweeter wine…

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  7. I make up for it in wine consumption πŸ™‚ sweet things and happy hours….even though ever hour is happy hour, the wine doesn’t get to come out to play till after 4 πŸ™‚

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  8. The guys buy the off brand and they are just as good as the name brand lol… wow that is will power lol…good for you that is a long time going without donuts too…

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  9. haven’t had ’em in years…..and at the garage where we picked up our vehicle, donuts were offered but i haven’t had one since March of 2016….nope, not starting now πŸ™‚

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