The thrift store (part 7) A leopard never changes its spots.

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Gert pulled into the Hobby Lobby on 41 and glanced over at Elouise. Hey, you sleeping there Cinderella? Elouise, I said are you sleeping? Elouise opened her eyes and wiped at her lip, pulling the visor down to peer into the mirror she noticed there was no mark on her lip, no blood or swelling. She glanced over at Gert who smiled. Come on sleepy head, times a wasting and I gotta get my glue before they close. She jumped out of the car like a teenager. I feel good Elouise, I really do. Must have been something in that sweet tea, do you think they put drugs in there or sumthin? I hope not but darn I do feel good. Gonna go get some pretty gems to dress up that frame, what color you think I should paint it? Maybe one of those pretty milk glass paints they came out with, make it look old yet new.

Elouise opened the car door and silently followed Gert through the big doors that slid open before them, the icy chill blasting in on them as they walked through. My it’s cold in here, but it does feel so good. She grabbed a cart and followed Gert past the rows of holiday decorations that were out just a little too early. Her ankle was feeling better but she still found it difficult to keep up. Gert moved in and out of the aisles like a woman on fire and she turned the last corner and almost ran right into her with the cart. Heck Gert, whatcha movin in such a hurry for? Gert stood in front of a long row of mirrors. She was staring into them moving her head from the left to the right. You got something on your face Gert? Elouise walked around the cart and stood next to her friend.

Now would you look at that Elouise, all those beauty spots on my forehead, they’ve all disappeared. She lifted her thinning hair and turned to look at Elouise, see, look at that, they’re all gone, every last one of ‘em. Elouise moved in closer and examined her friends face, reached out a finger and rubbed at her skin. Well it’s not like I covered them up or anything, silly, whatcha trying to do, rub my wrinkles off too?

Elouise looked at her own face in the mirror. I don’t know but mine are still right here, but then since we went to that thrift store, your cane’s gone missing and your eyes have been clearing up. You’ve been getting all strange since you put that ring on as a matter of fact, almost like you’re getting younger by the minute. Then the elephants, that was something to see for sure, but how? Why were they there then gone?

Gert rolled her eyes at her friend. Don’t know what yer talking about El, I’m still the same old Gert I was when I woke this morning always happy to not be pushing up the daisies. She turned to walk away leaving Elouise standing in the aisle.

Thought we were here for glue?, Elouise mumbled as she grabbed the cart and followed her friend. Gert grabbed some paint and then a few packages of glittery stones as Elouise looked around the millions of items that cluttered every inch of the store.

You ready to go sunshine or you wanna shop some more? Gert looked at Elouise and bringing her out of her reverie, motioned towards the front of the store. I love the Slobby Lobby but you could spend hours here, and lots of loot too I might add. Time to go before I get too crazy with the checkbook.

Gert went through the checkout with her glue, paint jars and packages of rhinestones, as Elouise put the cart back in the rack. You ready to go now Elouise? you’ve been kind of quiet, something else on your mind? Elouise walked next to her lost in thoughts about what was happening to her friend.

I’m good to drive now Gert, I’m okay, just a bit tired but there is one more stop I need to make before we head home. You don’t mind do you?

Gert smiled at her, pulling from her bag, a pair of a last-minute impulse buy bright neon yellow sun glasses with the price tag dangling from the center and pushed them up her nose smiling. Nope, it’s a beautiful day and I got all the time in the world, as long as you’re okay to drive, I’ll go back to shotgun. Like Thelma and Louise we are, off on another adventure, woo hoo. I got all the time in the world to work on my picture so let’s go.

Elouise got in the driver’s side, adjusted the seat back to her liking and turned on the radio. Barry Manilow was singing about daybreak and Gert was singing along like a perky teenager, bouncing around in her seat and then she rolled down the window and started waving to the other cars that passed them on 41. Cut that out Gert, you’re embarrassing me. Her hands gripped the steering wheel tighter as a driver honked and waved back while holding up a cell phone. Good God, now we’re gonna be on social media or something, two crazy hags acting foolish, I can see it now, Gert, you gotta stop it. I mean it.

Gert starting laughing, Elouise, you gotta have some fun every now and then, ‘cause really, we ain’t getting any younger and heck, what’s stopping us? I feel good and I’m not afraid to show the world, look out, here I come, and she laughed again, waving at the cell phone wielding driver. The fools gonna get in an accident taking pictures and driving she said absent mindedly and then closed the window.

Elouise ignored her and began slowing down to make a left turn, Gert was watching the store fronts as they passed by, laughing at a guy in a what looked like a long-haired wig holding a sign up for cheap haircuts as he danced around on the sidewalk, throwing the sign in the air and catching it. Hey El, you never did say where we were going. What you got on your mind, you’re not taking me to the hospital or something are you? I’m fine, feel fine. Where we going?

to be continued…..

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13 thoughts on “The thrift store (part 7) A leopard never changes its spots.

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  5. We were down to 47 two nights ago…very sudden but welcome up here. Might even get some nice fall colors out of it–though too many leaves already dried up and dropped….😟

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  6. Smiles, it will all come full circle….could be the sun…or the magic of a gypsy ring😃not my personalities….although perhaps the singing in the car waving at strangers….yep, that would be me😃

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  7. So tell me, are these your competing personalities? 😉 Or is this what happens when people retire/move to Florida? Or get fried by the sun 🌞? Though I do admire Elouise’s semi-firm grip on reality! Sort of….😊 sounds like jolly good fun….💜

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