Exodus in slumber

In deepest dreams we move
between the worlds of conscious thought,
slipping between the spaces
where the light filters in.
We deftly skim the surface,
aware of these images
that yesterday unearthed.
Exodus of self and soul
driven out to watch from afar
the restless imagination at work,
relentlessly throwing signs
some sticking to the banks on the side,
we surface grasping onto
the faintest edge of reason.
Faces from afar
come whispering their secrets
and we walk down cobbled roads
moving downward seeking shelter
in shaded alley ways,
the glimmer of water in view.
We stand watching
the words spoken
the smiles and frowns
everyday people
filling our thoughts,
as we watch helplessly
we try to gather the innocent,
sheltering from the storm
if only in dreams,
the awareness of the angels
watching over
the wistful dreaming
of a soul unbound.



Images taken in Puerto Rico a few years back. Poetry based on my dream state last night, I felt as if I weren’t sleeping all night as I watched the dreams play themselves out, one after another and I was aware I was dreaming, mentally talking to myself about them and woke to find the fitbit telling me I slept eight and a half hours….hmmmmm…..

14 thoughts on “Exodus in slumber

  1. I keep my note book by my bed.. and thankfully hubby is used to me being a night owl.. And turns over and doesn’t here me half the time.. So I am lucky like that..
    As for the dreams.. not all are pleasant.. I was helping drowning children a few weeks back.. I woke up exhausted.. And often wonder if I am helping others transcend from this life to the next..
    Yet at other times my dreams can be very scatty and make no sense at all.. 🙂

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  2. those dreams must be very special, to be of service like that even when sleeping. I used to sleep so soundly but since I’ve moved down here, unsettled nights, too hot, too cold….looking for the just right…..but the dreams I have are so vivid and lucid for me most of the times….I’d get up and write ’em all down except don’t want to wake the hubs, and if I get up, the dogs get up and followed by the hubs being disturbed….sigh….alot of the times they come surfacing back later in the day. ❤

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  3. I seldom sleep well, and the waking twilight hours is when my poetry gets written in my journal.
    “everyday people
    filling our thoughts,
    as we watch helplessly
    we try to gather the innocent,
    sheltering from the storm
    if only in dreams,…..”
    Yes, its a dilemma, in our waking life.. Yet I feel we do much in our Dream state.. I have been with children in my dreams for a few weeks now, helping them through storms, rivers, floods, and traumas.. I often wonder when we wake up ready to go to sleep, where I went in sleep state, .. We do much work in our sleep.. xxx ❤ Happy Dream Time Kim.

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  4. A stunning tapestry of your dreams! The photos from Puerto Rico are beautiful and heartbreaking–given all that’s happened in the last month. And well suited to your unbound poem. 🙂

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  5. thanks Rob, I’ve always been an avid dreamer that way ever since I was a child, as I age and look more into the spiritual side of life, am finding I can connect virtually with it, yes a blessing indeed ❤

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  6. thanks Sheldon, It was indeed a strange night of sleep? It’s like I was aware of everything happening, as if I were on the side lines watching it all and knowing I was watching it too 🙂 still feel good today, as if I had enough sleep but wow, what fun 🙂

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