The Thrift Store (Part 8) Rubys Message

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The traffic opened up after the light turned green and Elouise made a smooth left, cutting across the lanes and pulled into what looked like a simple house. The tall red, white and black sign Psychic/palm readings stood forlornly against the blue sky. A neon open sign flashed in the windows. There were no other cars in the lot and Elouise put it in park right by the sidewalk and looked at Gert. Gonna go see if Ruby has time to see us, and she turned and got out of the car. Gert sat there a moment contemplating the idea of it, she’d never been here before and didn’t know what to expect, but she opened the door and got out, following Elouise up the two steps and in to see the fortune-teller.

Why we here Elouise, you know this stuff’s nonsense, right? Ain’t no such thing as a psychic, just a bunch of gypsy hoodoo voodoo nonsense. They’ll take your name, internet search you and come up with all your dead relatives trying to contact you, gotta pay more for each tidbit they feed you. It’s all malarkey I tell you. Elouise opened the door to the business quietly, glancing inside before walking through in to the small office space beyond. Gert followed her silently and felt the door close with a quiet snap behind her and stood almost hidden behind Elouise like a shy child.

The entrance to a hallway held red beads from the top of the door jamb to the floor and the windows around the front entrance held crystal prisms that sent rainbows throughout the front foyer. Look at all the rainbows would ya Elouise? I gotta get me some of those pretty hangy things for my house windows, now that would be the cats butt. Elouise reached out and hit the little bell on the counter, a card propped up against it saying ring for service. I’ll be right there, a soft feminine voice called from beyond the beads.

There was a sign in sheet on the counter and Gert looked over Elouise’s shoulder and read the names that were already on the list. See Elouise, I told ya, when you put your name down, they gonna find dead relatives, suck you in and catch you easy like shooting a fish in a barrel. Hmmm. Don’t know who would shoot fish in a barrel but it doesn’t sound like nice business to me. Come on, let’s get out of here. She felt a shiver run up her spine and Elouise picked up the pen and wrote Hannah Walford on the sheet. Who you wanna be smarty pants?

Gert thought for a second and spat out Minnie mouse. Nah, you gotta have a real sounding name, not an obviously fake one. Gert pondered it a moment and then said Jasmine Fallone. Elouise wrote it down and a second later a large red-haired woman in a shimmering silver and blue kaftan walked through the beads.
I think she musta been watching us on camera or something El, she said in a whisper behind Elouises back. The woman looked from Elouise and then to Gert. Her sternly raised eyebrows and expression gave Gert the willies, she tugged Elouise from behind and said quietly, let’s go, I don’t wanna stay here.

A gentle smile lit up the woman’s face then. Her dark lashes long and thick with mascara, her eyes squinting in a bright cheerful look, and her glittering eyeshadow looking like diamonds sparkling in the sun. Her arms spread wide open and she beckoned them to come with her. Never looking at the names on the list she just said Welcome my loves, I’m Ruby, if you would follow me please. She smelled of patchouli and incense and as she drifted through the beads, her hair fell in thick undulating waves down to the center of her back. The jingling of her many silver bracelets could be heard echoing off of the walls as she moved gracefully down the long hallway.

I don’t think I’ma gonna like this El, nope, not at all. Something not quite right with that lady I tell ya. Something bout this whole thing ain’t sitting nicely with me.
Ruby turned right into a large room that looked peaceful and inviting. There were couches with big colorful pillows set around the walls and in the middle of the room, a big ornately carved teak desk with African animals etched on the legs. Ladies, please take a seat anywhere you’re comfortable. She motioned around the room with her hands and Gert went to the farthest couch and sat down, put a pillow on her lap and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. Elouise took a chair at the desk and Ruby walked around and sat behind it.

The top of the desk held an antique hourglass and a glass ashtray with some colorful stones in it. A name plate holding business cards decorated with strange symbols and Ruby’s name sat on the corner. Elouise reached out, took one and tucked it into her purse.

So what brings you ladies in to see me? She held out her hand to Elouise, I’m Ruby by the way, and you are? Elouise squirmed a bit in her chair, I’m Elouise Rigby and this here’s my friend Gert. Gert looked at Elouise, opening her eyes wide in shock as she realized she’d used their real names and not the pretend ones they’d signed in with.

We’re here because I heard from a friend of mine that you’re pretty good and I think we need some help. Ruby looked from Elouise to Gert and nodded without saying a word. She pulled out a pad of paper from a drawer in her desk and picked up a bright purple pen in her fingers. Elouise was watching the woman’s fingers, her nails were long and as red as strawberries and she wore a ring with a huge stone, a bright brilliant ruby that was befitting of her name. You see, we went to a thrift store earlier this morning and Gert here bought an antique picture and a fake saphire and diamond ring. Ever since she put it on, strange things have been happening. It’s a bit unnerving and I was wondering if you could shed any light on it, using your psychic gift or however you go about finding about these things. Ruby looked over at Gert and smiled.

May I see this ring Gert? she asked softly. Gert looked at Elouise and slid the pillow off of her lap, stood up and walked slowly towards the desk. Do you have the picture too that you bought? I’d like to see both items if I could, it may help in receiving any messages that could be channeled. Elouise stood up and grabbed her keys out of her purse.

I’ll be right back, got it out in the car. She turned and left Gert standing there alone with Ruby. Ruby looked down at the ring on Gerts hand. She held it out towards Ruby without removing it from her finger. Slipping on some reading glasses, Ruby stood up and came around the desk to get a better look. She gazed at it from different angles, never touching Gert or the ring, just staring at it and then she closed her eyes.

The ring began to vibrate lightly and the sapphire turned to a turquoise color, pulsating and growing lighter and then darker in shade. Gert looked down at the ring and smiled. That feels so good, when it does that, makes me feel like I’m young and whole again, the warmth, I can feel it spread through me. Takes away that nasty old arthritis feeling every time. Gert fell back into the chair that Elouise had been sitting in and began rocking back and forth like she had in the restaurant.
to be continued…..

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6 thoughts on “The Thrift Store (Part 8) Rubys Message

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  3. I could almost hear those red beads rattle as they made their way into see the fortune teller.
    So love your rich and descriptive words as you described Ruby.
    Ooooooh now can not wait for the next part.. 🙂 as the ring vibrates again. 🙂

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  5. I just knew something would happen when El left the room! Very nice turn in the story–and picking up of the thread of the ‘magical’ ring! 🙂 (I want one, btw….) So does Lucy.

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