In the depths of silence
there lies an emptiness felt.
Peace fills the chasm
as we gaze into the dark hole
of the unseen soul.
We feel it
palpably the energy collected
given and received
then turned free once more,
for it returns then
and only when flowing over the edge
of the abyss of this universe,
we close our eyes and draw in
like breath so sure
steady and even we whisper its name,
knowing it as only we could
for it is ours and theirs
the same and no more
yet no less than all.
The centered orb lingers
in glowing light animated
like a force unheralded turning
whirlpools and hurricanes no match
as it draws in and breathes life force
sustaining the knowing
the believing
in its circle of love.

16 thoughts on “Chasm

  1. my writing, for some reason black hole kept coming to mind and when I saw that image, the words just flowed along….I like days like that, when it all works…and a fun journey into the realms of adventure ❤

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  2. Some days we can all face our dark chasms of thought as we are pulled in, whirled around and come out totally confused.. At other times we blend spinning our energy in the direction we focus, and the dark chasm is expelled into the Universe along with other Black holes..
    And interesting poem Kim.. One that took me on a journey..

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  3. the collective of Love on earth can do amazing things if they have an understanding of the situation. Too often we forget how we got here, fine words, blessings

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  4. Dark, hmmmm…..I was seeing whirlpools and how they are formed, equating it to thoughts moving forward and encountering walls that twist and turn them forming a new direction, speed and velocity, carrying us away even if we’re trying to stop their flow….yeah, I could see some dark in that sometimes😊💜peace and love Jack.


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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