The scented air

Atmosphere hangs blissful
like paper lanterns in the sky
filled with color and brightness
as breezes blow
emotions flow
keeping time to the rhythm
of the scents on the air.
Mystery fragrance caught
in between the threads billowing
line after line hanging
gathering it all in like a warm embrace.
One by one we feel the softness
as the autumn comes calling
with fits of winter chill,
in this place where everyday
is just everyday
and not much leads to change
but storm and darkness,
the brisk front sweeps in
like the broom moving across the floor,
reaching into corners to find
the bits and pieces left behind,
and the memory glides us back to the yesterdays
when rapid motion days flew too fast,
seasons that had momentum
and we longed for the return of summer
as the snow kept falling faster,
here we sit beyond the doors
breathing in and out the refreshment
of the scent of air welcomed
like a long lost loved soul


15 thoughts on “The scented air

  1. What a wonderful welcome to autumn! The poem reads like music, and the clarity of the air and sky are brilliant! The rocky horror show–D and I went to see it in Philly years ago, down on South Street. Quite the cult movie! 🙂

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  2. thanks Sue, grey and dismal here today and now raining, but off the to theater tonight to see the rocky horror show, gonna be fun and something different to do, never saw it live before….I see you’ve been busy reading, 🙂

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  3. This made me feel quite content, snuggled as I am today indoors as the air outside becomes chill, seeing the wind whip the leaves now and again. Your poem captured perfectly the fragrance of Autumn. ❤ 🎃

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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