Shifting skies

We strike at the heart of the matter,
mastered words woven by the creator of life,
constant change and skies of this earth
calling us to stand in awe
to know we are still so very small
in the thick of things.
Gazing at the power surrounding
the crash thundering in on deaf ears,
we ask endlessly for answers
knowing that it can only lie within.
Truth of our moments,
meager of spirit at times
we take for granted the gifts
till light is given to illuminate
that which we know.
How do we move to save
to change the path
of the endless chaos that crashes down ,
time and time again we are left
and emotion weighs the heart and mind,
we give call to strength
mustered up to move us through
each storm and tragedy
that befalls.
Lighting candles and laying wreaths
for yesterday to remember,
strangers lost and heartbeats of sorrow
we stand at the crossroads,
not quite sure
which path will lead the way home.

Beautiful photo by Damon Powers