And a new day will dawn (the thrift store) part 12

We are almost done and wrapping up with the story and as I begin a new full-time job tomorrow, decided instead of breaking this into two shorter segments I would just put down the whole chapter. I thank you for your support in reading and commenting and there will most likely be only one or two tops more chapters to come (I’m sure you’re all breathing a sigh of relief, smiles wide) See below for links to previous chapter and the rest. I know how I’m planning the end but would be curious to see where you think it’s going? I look forward to the comments 🙂

Elouise woke to the sunlight streaming down her window, bathing her in a soft golden light. She stretched out like a cat, feeling a quiet peace wash over her. She turned to look at the clock and realized with a start it was 8 in the morning. Oh heavens, I guess I did need myself a good sleep, and I got it she said with a chuckle. Time to get moving E, times a wasting and we got things that need doing, she sang lightly and grabbed her robe to head to the kitchen. The coffee pot had gone off two hours ago and was luke warm. She grabbed a mug full and popped it in the microwave to warm it back up to her liking. The answering machine was blinking at her from across the room and she went and clicked the button.

Albee’s voice echoed in the airy kitchen. Hey Elouise, just wanted to say thank you again for trusting in me yesterday. I’m here for you and you let me know what Gert decides to do with that ring. If you need my help, call me. Hope to hear from you soon and have a great day. Bye. The time said 7 am and then the next message began.

Elouise, it’s me Gert. I’ve been doing some thinking and I need to talk to you. I’m sorry ‘bout yesterday and hope you got your nap in. I painted the picture frame and glued the jewels to it, came out pretty good if I do say so myself. Call me when you get this. Do you want to go out for lunch today? Lemme know. Bye bye.

Elouise took her coffee out, took a few sips and felt her stomach clench up. Just the idea of that ring was making her sick, she thought with a heavy heart. I hope she does the right thing, she said out loud. Her cat Petunia surfaced and rubbed against her leg. She picked up the elderly Siamese and petted her gently. The rumbling purr could be felt through her robe and she sat the cat back down and grabbed a can of food, popped it open and spooned some out for the spoiled kitty. Gonna be a long one I think Pet, yes indeed, I can feel it in my bones.

Elouise got dressed in her shorts and favorite shirt in a soft turquoise color. She threw on her matching beads and slipped on some sandals and then went back out to grab the phone. Gert answered in one ring.
Where you been El, been waiting for you to call me back. Are you feeling okay? You’re not mad or anything are you? Elouise rolled her eyes and explained about sleeping in and chuckled quietly. Lets go out for lunch, I want to tell you about something that happened yesterday after I dropped you off. Gert sounded intrigued when she heard that. You better get over here soon now that you got me all in a bunch of excitement, I wanna hear all about your goings ons….and we can go out and do a little shopping before lunch if you want. Come and see my picture too, you’re gonna love it. Elouise hung up the phone, grabbed her keys and her purse, shooed Petunia outside and headed over to Gerts place.

Gert opened the door, grabbed Elouises’ arm and pulling her in with some force, shut the door and waited for the response she knew was coming. Elouise stared at her in shock. Gert didn’t look old anymore, it was if her age was cut overnight into half. She could now pass for a forty-year old. This is some crazy stuff Elouise, this ring, it’s changing me with each passing hour. She held up her hands that were now smooth and her fingers that had been gnarled with arthritis were straight and elegant, hands of a young woman, not her elderly friends.

I don’t know what to say Gert, really, I have no words for this she muttered. Her heart was racing and her breath became shallow. Gert, I don’t know, I….what, why? Oh my God, this is bad Gert, really bad. Her skin became clammy to the touch and she watched the walls as they moved in and out and realized she was falling as everything turned to black.

Oh my Elouise, no! Gert screamed out as Elouise toppled over in a heap in her hallway. I gotta call for help, I’m gonna get you some help Elouise, just you hang on and don’t you leave me Elouise, I’m gonna fix it, I’m gonna make it better. She ran over to the table and grabbed the phone and dialed 911. They gonna help you E, they’re coming. She bent down to E and felt for a pulse, it was very faint but was there. Oh thank heavens E, you just hang tight she said as the sound of sirens in the distance came closer. She opened the door as the paramedics rushed out and up her front walkway. She’s in here, you gotta help her, she just fainted dead away and I didn’t know what to do. She hasn’t been sick or anything, just under a lot of stress.

A police car pulled up and a kind looking woman in green guided Gert outside and out-of-the-way of the paramedics. The woman looked over at Elouise and then back to Gert. Is she your mother ma’am? she asked softly. Gert looked at her and blurted out, no, she’s my best friend. Have you been drinking some of that jungle juice or smoking that weed or something. She’s only a few years younger than me, after all I think I look pretty fair for going on 90. Geesh, my mother…as if. The police looked Gert in the eyes. Are you drinking or under the influence? Gert stood for a moment confused and then realized with the changes from the ring, she was young-looking again. No ma’am, I was just kidding but she is my friend and I’m not 90, just trying to lighten things up, been a long morning already.

The paramedics loaded Elouise up on the crash cart and wheeled her towards the ambulance. “where you taking my friend in your meat wagon boys?” she yelled to them.
We think she may have had a heart attack, were taking her to Venice hospital, do you want to ride with us or are you okay to drive? She realized she was crying and told them she’d follow in the car. She didn’t want to take a cab home and if they release her, Gert could drive them both home then. The ambulance pulled away with its sirens blaring and Gert grabbed her things, Elouises purse and keys, locked up the house and took Elouises’ car and followed the flashing lights.
When she got to the hospital, she was directed to the waiting room on the floor where Elouise was. She sat in a hard ugly orange chair and stared at the television on the wall that was relaying the latest tragedy in the world, not caring or connecting with anything she saw, she sat silently and let the tears flow. Two hours passed and finally a man in a white jacket came out and sat beside her.

I’m Dr. Patino and I’ve just been back in to check on your friend. You can go see her now if you wish. We’ve stabilized her but she will have to stay here for at least another day or two so we can make sure she recovers okay. The first 24 hours are always touch and go. She had a heart attack and I don’t know why, but she isn’t speaking. She is able to speak, correct? Gert nodded yes.

She is a chatty one, Elouise is. Can I go see her? I’m sure she must be frightened and maybe she’ll talk to me.
Sure, she’s in room 111 down on the left. Gert stood up and left the doctor behind. Elouise was in a room by herself looking small and sad under white sheets and blankets, her eyes were closed. Gert pulled up a chair and sat beside her. She gently took her hand and stroked it softly. I’m gonna fix you El. You’ll be right as rain, you’ll see. She eased the ring off of her finger and put it on Elouises finger. The lighted glow began filling the room. You’ll see El, you gonna be better real soon. I can’t lose you now, you’re all I got. Elouise opened her eyes looking frightened.

to be continued…..

Part 11,
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how will it end? let me know what you think?


18 thoughts on “And a new day will dawn (the thrift store) part 12

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  2. Your story is wonderful–not at all torturous except for the suspense….! Which is not an awful thing. In fact, you pull it off really well in my opinion. 🙂

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  3. Almost done my friend, job going well, two days done and learning a lot. Just learning a new balance of life, being gone so many hours per day, fitting and rearranging my time. Really liking it a lot though 😊 I hope the story hasn’t been torturous for you, I’d never want that…hope all is well with you too and hat he weather hasn’t been too bad. About to get some reading catchup done😊💜

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  4. Definitely not a fun turn of events….and now we have the ring on another finger….an unanticipated turn of events! I’m glad you’re eventually going to put us (and El?) out of our misery. I’m also more than glad to see above that you’re enjoying your new job so far!!!! 🙂

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