Oh the sweetness

Golden sun slips higher
lazy clouds lay sideways never rushing
their journey across
into the bright blue atmosphere.
We move slow and steady
rearranging moments after time
always the same now shifting
still so calm and tinged with peace.
Oh the sweetness of mornings,
cool air on the skin
and the taste of sweetness
of the coming of a new day.
The taste of warmth in the mug,
steam rises giving scent of coffee
stimulating the mood to wakefulness,
we arrive in the moment
as eager dogs prance ready,
time to walk
and move through the glorious view
of paradise.

Starting the new job today and having to change up the normal routine, some morning post readings, one written, coffee sipped and mind slowly waking, ahhhh…..good morning my friends, hope it is amazing for you all ❤