Surreal hue

Indigo clouds tinged lightly
morning sun rises red and tickles the edges
surreal hue to grace our view.
Quiet steps taken echo in the silence
moving through streets bare
we breathe the fresh damp air,
senses so very aware.
We carry the lightness on our mind
as simple laughter joins the sound
of birds rising
and the antics of squirrels scampering
like tight rope walkers
on high wires,
and we meander home to dine as day breaks
on the sweetest things the oven brings,
apple pie and toast,
let the feast begin.

Deciding that there are only two of us for dinner, so many things to dine on, we are going to spend the day doing progressive eating as opposed to one big sit down feast. So…..dutch apple pie for breakfast, and later at a time to be determined (ambrosia, green bean casserole, cranberry/orange sauce, sweet potato casserole, turkey, gravy, yeasty dinner rolls….and I’m sure I forgot something) but Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and sending peace and blessings to all. Photo taken this morning as we took our walk, beautiful skies to start the day.