By the sea

Time spent in ease
a dabble of this and that
as the minutes move past.
Brush strokes in the silence of the room
a drop here and a drop there
watered down to hue
applied aimlessly.
Experiment in changing tones,
the only way to learn
the science of blending
a creation of whimsy,
never knowing what will rise
when the last stroke moves.
The grey day sits beyond
my view of a dreary yet loved day,
walks and time spent
doing whatever strikes the fancy
and some new pieces to tuck away
as I begin again.

My last day off before back to work tomorrow. Writing done, painting practice done, and two walks in. (one with the nitwits and one without) Life is good. Still working on the skills as you can see, but having fun and that’s what counts, right?

Mountain storm and By the Sea… me 🙂