Answers in pages

Exploring the depths of words on pages,
shifting the mind to new ways to move
forward I go without hesitation,
diving in to the depths seeking treasure.
Edges we stand on peering
into the darkness below,
knowing it’s the only way to unearth
the waiting answer of truth.
Forty days and nights
beginning at page one
these words move through my subconsciousness
and stir the pot of awareness.
Start with truth to find what comes next,
nights of ease come now to a soul
spelunking the caves of yesterday
and seeing the knowledge that was always there,
waiting to be plucked from the bottom
and as I rise up to the light
hold gingerly the newfound jewel
and tuck it into the crown of being.

Reading a new book by Iyanla Vanzant- One day my soul just opened up. So far so good and slept last night without the frequent strange dreams, just peace of mind and not the typical jumble of late whilst I sleep. Life is good indeed.