Beauty in peace

Standing in the shadows
thoughts race by like raindrops
lashing about and puddling
at the feet deeper by the moment,
wringing out as quickly
as sand runs through the glass
not making much ground,
I cease and abstain,
to finally just be.
Soaked to the skin
I watch each thought drop away,
splash as it falls into nothing
no longer existing
it magically disappears
into space
and I wonder for only a moment
where it had gone,
yet not giving it any real worth
for to let it remain a focus
keeps one drowning and mired in it.
I rise instead to the blue,
buoyed in the depths of what has changed,
skies clear from the storm
I lay watching the scenes unfold
knowing there will be brighter moments
without those thoughts that intrude,
the ideas that rankle
and the emotion it stirs.
I embrace the passing of the rain
yet respect the moment it existed,
for to find within the darkness
the strength to not succumb
charges like lightning
the soul set to soar higher,
to believe and grow
through learning that with the water that falls,
something beautiful may grow.

Thoughts this morning on some dreams I had revolving around self-worth, etc….on track for another glorious day and always embracing the things I learn from my soul, even as I sleep, so very aware of the moment and able to let go the bad before waking to rise refreshed and feeling good.


19 thoughts on “Beauty in peace

  1. The shadows…always there. I’ve determined to take mine as invitations to love myself, especially those parts that aren’t what I wish they were or had been. There’s a child in each of us needing unconditional love and understanding. I think I’m finally learning how to give that to myself. Your dream-poem reflections are encouraging and inspiring for me. Thanks, Kim! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. You keep it close to your chest; I had no idea that your life had been so tough. Your poetry come across as a gift to your readers, from the heart, as much as a need to calm yourself. You don’t speak of your troubles as such. We all have our own ways of working through pain, and your method is admirable.
    I love how WP’ers support each other – across thousands of miles sometimes, giving what they have, and receiving what they need. It’s been life changing for me.
    I smiled when I read “keep on being you”. At school I was the “weird kid” as I came from a more cultured background than my peers. In an effort to make them like me, I tried to behave and talk the way they did. Since it didn’t come naturally, they all thought me weirder than ever. That’s when I learned that it’s best to stick with being me ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


  3. Yay, me too. My boss at work told me that something has shifted with me at work and that I’m more relaxed and having fun, I had been too professional before and a bit standoffish…..I felt good yesterday and just let it flow. Effortless and peaceful โค

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  4. This made me all Teary eyed….I find as I get older and more bones emerge from the closet, I have the choice to let it destroy or inspire….I have this calm since I was a child, perhaps it prepared me for my life, all that’s transpired and allowed me to get out alive….although it’s a daily battle sometimes, I’m not always peaceful, but by writing about what can calm me, I always hope to give another a jolt of caffeinated peace so to speak…..I love your style Jane and I gravitate to sometimes reading your pieces where I can fully and completely absorb your words, even in the dark, I find inspiration…..keep on being you because it inspires me, keeps me churning peace to share…we all have ghosts, speaking about them helps heal, never forget that….you inspire too my lady๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜ฎ๐Ÿ•‰

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  6. This is a great poen. There’s such a still calmness in your poetry no matter what you’re saying, you convey the certainty that all will be well. Your blog is a good place to come and bathe in the love, peace and patchouli ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dreams are healing – even the bad ones have their place. Last night I dreamed that my mother was as perfect as I always considered her to be. I woke up knowing that all of us have details which are perfect. My mother always told me to focus on those details in everybody. I’m finally learning.


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