Stirring senses

Sweetest thoughts spun
from nights lovely moments,
prone in dreams as the senses rest
I wander the shores of endless space.

Stirring the senses,
waves form like gentle hugs upon my soul
guiding me through the depths,
I ride the ripples of memory.

Tendons once tight, now ease in to the warmth,
gazing at horizons where I am so far from
and in a heartbeat I stand where my eyes can see
so far away yet still so dear to me.

Calm and filled I slip beneath
this universe stirring me in endless delight,
breathing in the essence of a glorious life
I float on the mood of a thousand dreams
whipped softly to a froth so sweet, so light.

I sip the rain, I taste the ice
cool and cleansing I refresh the senses
with scent and sound I drift away
to find the beauty in another amazing day.

Feeling light and had a most wonderful day at work yesterday. It’s nice to be able to say I love my job, the people who are smiling and so upbeat. Laughter and smiles abound, this amazing place I am so blessed to be a part of it all. I sleep each night deeply, waking refreshed and eager to start again. ❤


14 thoughts on “Stirring senses

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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