All together now (A collaboration)

I have once again had the absolute pleasure of collaborating on a piece of poetry with Michael over at Original Dante (OD). I am such a blessed person to be able to effortlessly create back and forth across a world with my friend and I am always amazed at the inspiration he and I concoct. Stop over and see him and enjoy his beautiful world of words and depth beyond compare. Peace and blessings, always.

Invisible hands move slowly,
softly melding in to touch the coolness
I am created piece by piece
sheltered in the warmth
I wait to serve.

In unison, I pour
The best of me and you
Molded formation of love and truth
Allotropes of the light
Touch gifted by none other
Than the most divine.

I feel you through each finger tip,
forming my soul with such an innocence
and as seen through your eyes
you make me whole
and through my imperfection,
I feel beautiful
inside and out.

Kneaded, to a standard reflective of
How much we’re needed
Nature of our design sparks emulation
Feel the presence in our stillness
Look at us, witness your reflection
Through our rich definitive finish,
Another love letter
From our Maker.

We stand together
unique in our collective being
standing tall and ready
to serve the needs of the starving soul,
to refill where there is an emptiness
with hope and love for all.


18 thoughts on “All together now (A collaboration)

  1. days off rock 🙂 I’m off today but back again tomorrow (Monday) and work Christmas party tonight, excited for it, good food, light drink (as I have to drive) and presents….I love presents ❤


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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