Drifting on delicate dreams
shifting through scenes
faces remembered familiar,
to the heart center
resting in slumber.

Scents of yesterday
decoration sits in its finery
reds and greens and berries
aromatic in its elegance
air of memories.

Casual and calm morn
the silence beyond robed in fog
hanging and waiting for yellow orb
dallying below the horizon
waiting the entrance to the ball.

Silver threaded scenes play out
as eyes close and we inhale the moment
and time tick-tocks by like a dance
one two three one two three
she rises and joins the merriment
of another day.

A beautiful centerpiece on our table, alas the juniper is setting my sinus’ off like an alarm. If that’s the only worry, I guess it’s an easy peasy one. Life good, counting down to the weekend and a 3 day reprieve to eat, drink, be merry and dream sweet dreams. Peace and blessings my friends and happy Winter Solstice. Woke to a morning deep in fog and eerily silent. Love those days.

17 thoughts on “Slumber

  1. So beautiful and calming! By now you should be in your weekend bliss…. πŸ™‚ Keeping it sane and sober up here. Well, sober, anyway. But deliriously so. Blessings of peace and health and growth and beautiful writing in the New Year!

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  2. What a beautiful image you bring with your words dear Kim.. I hope you had a Magical Christmas. and sending you all the best wishes for a Happy Healthy and Peaceful New Year.. xxx LOVE and HUGS xxx

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