There is a light

Tempered by thoughts and feelings,
life collected in boxes
these images of the past,
like photographs and memories
gifting us with recognition of yesterday
and the moments faded for years
resurfacing unexpectedly
and knowing it is us.
We are changing as the years pass us
yet we move along in conjunction
just not realizing at the time
till we look back and see the differences,
glances in mirrors at our road mapped weathered lines
on faces and hands that reach out
to stop it if only for just one moment,
to embrace this very second,
hold it in an embrace
before it slips away.
How is it in a split second
here and then gone on days that should be
filled with a quiet contemplation,
but perhaps this is really the sum of the parts,
to hold gently and feel the heartbeat,
share the last moments in tenderness and love
as the tick tock slows to ceasing,
a breath lingers and is gone
and I feel the sense of soul
rising into a better place.
Grave digger plays in my head,
so that I can feel the rain
as it falls I inhale the damp cool air
slipping a silent goodbye to the remains
a light finds me and I know
it’s gonna be okay for life plays itself out
and the lesson comes in the letting go,
of being present and aware
there is always more,
for there is a light
that tells me so.

A new year and a new day, waking to the commotion and tearing into the darkness to stop the dog/cat/rabbit frenzy. There it sat huddling, shaking as I carefully lifted its quivering body. Gathering it in a towel, I carried it inside. I stroked its velvet fur softly for an hour as I sipped my coffee. Knowing that it most likely would not make it through, chose to share my time shedding love over it like it would be enough to save it, at heart knowing it would only help to soothe me. Life and its lessons, through beauty and the things we devote ourselves to investing in, the love and kindness we all share, the hope and the letting go at times, visions around us if we just only stop and look in a new awareness, appreciation for the little things and the big things. I could think that this was a horrid start to the new year, but it is one more cog in the workings of this life we live, each day should be celebrated, each life should be honored, and even a small wild thing can slip silently away embraced by hands that are always wanting to save. RIP little friend, shine on little angel.
A four-year anniversary here at WP and feeling blessed to be able to share with you the things I find in my life, good and bad, happy and sad. Peace and blessings and sharing the light that found me, and the bunny who I believe shared it with me when I asked for a sign of more, of light and goodness.