Splendor seen

Pinprick sweetness
lightness of color suits moods,
whimsical pink calls the lens
come play for just a spell.
Stunning magenta reaches for skies
and the splendor seen,
captured beauty standing proud.

Reminders of childhood puppets
hair standing in silly colors
with a smile and laughter that filled rooms,
eliciting the response in return
to just be
in the throes of youth
the playful sights always caught the mind
and still resides within
somewhere beneath sun filled skies
the plucked bloom withers
so we learned to let it lie
in its comfortable bed
waiting to be seen some other day
by new eyes seeking
a spot of solitude and beauty.

There is a tree down the block that has these lovely flowers on it, so I thought I’d share. Reminds me of hair on some Muppets (remember them?) and now my G friend has me singing the mana mana song yet again. Shivery day out, mid thirties here in Florida and almost time to walk the pups. I shall slip into my thoughts and think of cocoa and warm fires 🙂 and the petal pink colored flowers I affectionately call “who” flowers….like Horton Hears a Who. Enjoy and good morning my friends.