Spilling words

We overflow in the pool of life,
frozen and thawed
we expand and contract
reaching the edges of our journey.
Tipping factors on downward angles
our words spill out.
Running down to find the expanse of wide open spaces
freeing the thoughts to run like horses
or something much simpler
like the splash of milk on clean counters,
laughing at the actions from our youth.
We decorate the messes
as we float on the stream of days moving by
spoonfuls of goodness swallowed
words and deed of the kindest folk
that carry us through these cold times
and we wait on the sun to turn herself on,
clear the cobweb clouds
and let the warmth filter in,
soothe the crackling bones that scurry about
seeking warmth in pools of words
we immerse ourselves in this calm,
peaceful and quiet we listen to the heart
and open the windows to find the freshness,
and moisture will gather again
falling from tender skies
as we fill our cups
and spill the thoughts once again.