Textured thought

Gentle in the night
smoothed yet rough our thoughts give way
slipping into the edges
unseen yet felt
reading the surfaces with eyes closed
waiting on the precipice of a dream.
Seeking answers we search
where the colors meld into trapped corners,
we notice what lay unseen
as we had walked by sky gazing
unaware what lay off to the side patiently waiting,
crumbs of truth lingering in the shadows
we plucked them up,
spiriting them away in deep pockets
the essence of thoughts
we deem worthy.
The ears wait to hear new ideas
as our hands touch the spaces between
softening the concrete feelings
the powdered remains will fall away
becoming one with the wind
we inhale each others essence,
absorbing the emotion spent
as learning doors open to give entry
to the seeker of the silence
nestled down into the throes of dreams
relaxes and lets itself go
to slip into the depths
of the peace of bluest oceans
far, far away where a blue tomorrow lay.