Hands and thoughts ache
raw and calloused together,
strained from the holding on
as fear drives the soul
and with each tiny movement we slip
trying to keep hanging on
as storm after storm batters,
we wonder why at times
this insanity reigns.
Metaphors for lives we create,
the senseless need to hold so tight
as we rock against the wind
and strain harder to save,
letting go
we snip each cord
with the faceless masses
we stand erect
feeling the strength return
as we unleash the burden
and return to soul.
What words can collect in the bank
in the grand scheme of things
we learn to look deeper within
to reasons and purposes
and the ties that bind once released,
sails snap tight
crackling in the wind like a whip
and charging the open expanse
we fly high


11 thoughts on “Untethered

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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