Delight held in the rising memory
of a flower opening in the morning light,
moments remembered unexpectedly
surfacing through the fog of minutes passed.
An image blurred that comes into clarity
a face or conversation
as years had gone by unnoticed
the scent that lingered at the edge of thought
teasing the mind to recall.
There were flowers undulating quietly,
a day calmed with a summer breeze,
lavender blooms so small yet abundant
standing tall on green threads in their endless bed,
the gifting of a smile borne on the lips of a soul lost
as tears dried beneath a sun that healed,
stopping to see what lay by the side
the garden of care open for releasing
as secrets whispered amongst the beauty,
the darkness slipped away in a found peace.
Welcomed hints of yesterday
come to me in sleep and dreams,
waking in the morn as sun nudges her way
beyond the horizon in pale pinks and blues
a garden lies quietly waiting
and her buds rise to touch the sight,
unfurling their pale flags slowly
and gifting the dawn
with a beauty so gentle,
opening the soul to begin its day
in abundance.

18 thoughts on “Opening

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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