Spaces between space

the flick of a mote drifting
into the nebula of a lost thought
and I sit aware,
so very conscious of the relevance
of time passing in those moments.
Water turns muddy
the passages between where it flows
coagulated and slow like a mind weary
and I scoop and drop by drop try
like rain adding just a bit more to loosen
and allow the dam to burst,
letting the rushing stream become,
yet it stands thick like molasses
cooling in the midnight hour
still never brought to its glory,
to run free and moving swift
so it lay silent
beneath a sun so far away.
Muddled memory reawakened
as the energy moves in reverse,
headlights in the distance passing
and the wind waiting to turn balmy,
we are left in this atmosphere of silence,
cooled and chilled by March that lingers
and in the darkness of night,
the jasmine calls to be honored
beneath a sliver of light,
there is a weight
heavy and cloying reaching out
and tickles the memory of what is now lost,
the empty spaces between space
where laughter sat,
she blooms suddenly after these years as if to say,
remember….always remember
and shine.

18 thoughts on “Spaces between space

  1. What a happy response! I’m so glad to see all your emoticons splashed across my screen! And happy, of course, to hear you’re alive and well. And Spring is just around the corner! Does that mean all the snowbunnies and snowbirds come back up here? 🙂 Today is the very first truly warm day (without icy wind, rain or snow) we’ve had in a spell. D and I are about to go on a lovely walk. Can’t wait! 🙂 Super L is doing just great, and Smudge is starting to champ at the bit since we now have outdoor cats roaming by the windows every now and then. He thinks he could conquer them all, but he wouldn’t last two seconds! 😦 Hugs.

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  2. Hey E, till today I had forgotten how much this world here at WP beings me peace, it’s been too very long and have you on my docket for tomorrow’s coffee reading, lots there I’ve missed but I will be there, shining😃☕️💜💕💚☮💐hey Super L💕 hope your weather is getting a bit better too☃🌻💐🌺🌷🌹🌸🌼☀️

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  3. Been feeling bogged down and slow, almost like a slow motion mudslide….needed to feel the lightness of space and remember, peace and love, just had a visit at your space, loved my time there….still a lot of catching up but the end and light is peering through the tunnel in a welcoming way, glad to be back💜

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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