The air hangs heavy
as days pass into yesterday,
wake to find the deepest calm
and the stars still shine
beneath the blanket of fog
that falls.
The dainty blooms that create
thoughts and smiles without effort,
just being
in their abundance blessing
the first moments of day
like the gentlest kiss
upon the morning.
Stars of Spring greet
and I find I slip into their scent
dreaming through sleep
a beautiful memory lingers,
and I know this is the place
where I turn to in the mind
to slip away in peace
and dare to begin once more
with a heart bathed in quiet and bliss,
blooming spirit the gift enjoyed.

Waking this morning as the windchimes sing, breathing in the heady scent of jasmine I count each blessing that finds me waiting with open hands, and thus I share with you a beautiful start to another day, sending peace, love and an amazing day to all.


10 thoughts on “Stars 

  1. Just beautiful, Kim! What a great start to a day. I love the feeling of gratitude that shines through this piece.


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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