But a thousand

Are we the ones
gathered together standing
a solitary heartbeat
gathering momentum on the journey,
are we the ones of historys lore
raising our consciousness together
to promote the needed moment,
the tipping point to strike
and set fire to the minds
standing idly by.
Could there be
but a thousand wishes and dreams
waiting to take flight,
spreading the seeds of compassion,
of a gentle kindness that breeds
like a meadow of the wildest flowers seen,
will we wave in the wind
in the rapture of coming together,
a tribe unlike any seen before our time
and will tomorrow wait for us,
for that second when we come alive
radiant in our purpose
to be as one,
becoming whole once more.

Well the computer is in at the doctors getting its check up for bugs and the what-not. Wish it luck for a speedy recovery, if indeed it is even sick at all. Always better to err on the side of caution, wouldn’t want the nasties to steal my millions, ha….perhaps more like minions, indeed. No millions, so no fear there😊💜