But a thousand

Are we the ones
gathered together standing
a solitary heartbeat
gathering momentum on the journey,
are we the ones of historys lore
raising our consciousness together
to promote the needed moment,
the tipping point to strike
and set fire to the minds
standing idly by.
Could there be
but a thousand wishes and dreams
waiting to take flight,
spreading the seeds of compassion,
of a gentle kindness that breeds
like a meadow of the wildest flowers seen,
will we wave in the wind
in the rapture of coming together,
a tribe unlike any seen before our time
and will tomorrow wait for us,
for that second when we come alive
radiant in our purpose
to be as one,
becoming whole once more.

Well the computer is in at the doctors getting its check up for bugs and the what-not. Wish it luck for a speedy recovery, if indeed it is even sick at all. Always better to err on the side of caution, wouldn’t want the nasties to steal my millions, ha….perhaps more like minions, indeed. No millions, so no fear there😊💜

Amongst the stars

The silence
deafening in its nature,
silky stars light the blanket
of midnight darkness
a thousand diamonds
hosting brilliant beams,
slipping me in to their warm cocoon
yet still cold I float
amongst the stars
searching for signs
of life.
Bluest of blue spread before me
and the movement of a small lizard piques the awareness
its breath a subtle in to out
as it watches me watching it,
his mission perhaps to sidetrack the mind,
turning my gaze back
knowing there is more to see
beyond the reality before me
dotted landscape drawing me in
to float in the ether
of now.
Ripples lull the senses
and the distant bird call breaks the air,
silence a word now passed
I listen for the sounds
of blinking satellites that slide before my eyes,
movement slow and steady
the red sky beacon breaks the beauty
and I reach out to bat it away,
a mosquito or insect breaking my thoughts
of this zen-like mojo moment,
I breathe in and close my eyes
to remember the time in seconds
when peace stood still for me
and I felt its warm embrace,
knowing I could not fall while held
as I became one with the way
and the blues and purples meshed
into the shroud of heaven
and for just that second I smiled,
knowing this was just another sign
of being lost in time.

Slipping through

The conscious moment
as realization set in like concrete
the place we stand in time
as the mind glides about like a manic hummingbird,
fast forward and slipping through
the bounds of yesterday
we gaze in wonder at the images found
like snapshots remembered
and once loved.
The quiet notes of a piano playing in the distance,
unseen soul laughing as in the memory
bounced about like a rough ride,
crashing down with a bump and giggle
the days long gone
yet resurrected with a song.
I imagine those words living
and the skies alight with a thousand points of light,
metal fences with spikes
protect the garden of the mind
and we see through the spaces and know
this is where we need to be
right here
right now.
Daily news grinds the soul
to a hollow vessel tired of repeat,
lift the needle and change the tune
to a dance groove filled with summer and sunshine,
and we can’t help feeling sad
but don’t want to keep on hearing the drone
of the darkness of the void filled
with lurking monsters hell-bent
on crushing the heart further
as if a million pieces were not enough.
Ain’t no bringing back
so let it go,
and the glasses I see unexpectedly bring a smile
and her scent fills the air like her words
the message sent and received
to dance in the moonlight
and don’t dare give a damn
bout the howling rovers who play
on the hearts of the lonely,
never dull the sparkle
and glitter on like diamonds
into the break of a new day released
from the edge of the bed dreams
that keep me falling.

A stream of conscious piece, just because that’s what needed to be said, don’t ask me what it all means, the muse just must be a messing with me again 🙂