With the gentle push of light
we are spilling over into thought
carefully awakening to rise
in the way of the universe-
we gather our memories and mementos of dreams,
sift through to carry into the first steps
only the best of the best.
We leave behind the dark corners,
places where chaos and misery grumble
amongst themselves the importance
of right and wrong
we close our ears to the negative
to clear space for the positive to flow.
The time tolling startles
and we hastily rise to stand,
a warrior stance to the coming day
knowing we can only be ourselves
when healing the mind of doubt,
we breathe in and out amidst the glow
of a healing sun that rises,
feeling the calm like a washing wave
carrying us into the first moment of now.
Grateful for the time afforded
to begin again in being,
in slipping into the ether of peace,
below the ghost of a lingering moon.

21 thoughts on “Awaken

  1. No, I think it stays, the event is watching the artists work their craft….still looking into it…’s also two hours away during the work week….argh…traffic is not good in Tampa….

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  2. I feel like an ostrich, hiding in the sand, I still have to have it checked out but it seems to be working good….hoping it was just a scam. Encrypted the system, hope it helped. Was just thinking of you, there’s going to be a street art event in Tampa, have to work so will miss it, sigh…😊

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  3. “…we close our ears to the negative
    to clear space for the positive to flow.”
    Now that is simply wonderful and an attitude and a practice most
    of us could well do with.
    Excellent, Kim, excellent!

    Big hugs


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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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