Slipping through

The conscious moment
as realization set in like concrete
the place we stand in time
as the mind glides about like a manic hummingbird,
fast forward and slipping through
the bounds of yesterday
we gaze in wonder at the images found
like snapshots remembered
and once loved.
The quiet notes of a piano playing in the distance,
unseen soul laughing as in the memory
bounced about like a rough ride,
crashing down with a bump and giggle
the days long gone
yet resurrected with a song.
I imagine those words living
and the skies alight with a thousand points of light,
metal fences with spikes
protect the garden of the mind
and we see through the spaces and know
this is where we need to be
right here
right now.
Daily news grinds the soul
to a hollow vessel tired of repeat,
lift the needle and change the tune
to a dance groove filled with summer and sunshine,
and we can’t help feeling sad
but don’t want to keep on hearing the drone
of the darkness of the void filled
with lurking monsters hell-bent
on crushing the heart further
as if a million pieces were not enough.
Ain’t no bringing back
so let it go,
and the glasses I see unexpectedly bring a smile
and her scent fills the air like her words
the message sent and received
to dance in the moonlight
and don’t dare give a damn
bout the howling rovers who play
on the hearts of the lonely,
never dull the sparkle
and glitter on like diamonds
into the break of a new day released
from the edge of the bed dreams
that keep me falling.

A stream of conscious piece, just because that’s what needed to be said, don’t ask me what it all means, the muse just must be a messing with me again 🙂

21 thoughts on “Slipping through

  1. You hit it perfectly too, and I don’t dwell on politics much if I can help it, just spend time attempting to make someone’s day better and more complete, through word and or deed. Amen, yes. Thanks so much BW…love the trigger memories, they happen a lot as I sleep😊

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  2. serious thought, the motions of the heart, and the hair trigger memories waiting to trap us, we need more of straight thinking, rather than the polish we apply, in order not to upset anyone, we have gone too political, is that okay, or should i say it another way, what was i thinking, have a great day, amen., you hit the mark as they say

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  3. Such a lovely muse, Kim. Your outpourings are pure grace, and I so admire your consistency in sharing these heartfelt wonders. We are lucky to have you…


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  4. unseen soul laughing as in the memory – there’s more lines that held me in their meaning and rhythm but this one felt exceptional! Your muse messing with you brings such exquisite beauty.

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  5. thanks Tre, still getting a bit of influence from my neighbor who passed, I swear she guides me sometimes when least expected, I detect her fragrance, at work or at home and good words flow and the lightness takes over, a beautiful thing. Thanks so much, she loved to dance 🙂

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  6. Sometimes we are given what needs to be said and that’s all that matters:

    “to dance in the moonlight
    and don’t dare give a damn
    bout the howling rovers who play
    on the hearts of the lonely,”

    Wondrous work, Kim.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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