Beyond emptiness

Was she there?
Caught in the sideways glance of sunset,
basking in the warmth of feelings
Empty chairs linger with ghosts
of old lovers gone into the distance,
beyond view yet not forgotten
as the memories swirl in the foamy waves,
tides wash in and out
and cleanse the soul,
was she there listening
as you spoke to her like yesterday
though invisible her spirit
drew lines on the sky in fiery shades,
yellow, red and orange
like the spirit released
rising up to soar
like a broken bird made whole.
I can hear the whisper,
the wind finds its way to my mind
through and beyond I find the comfort
in sunsets and stars
and though there is the void,
spaces where the trace is only memory,
I close my eyes and slip into the moment
and say hello to old friends
who reside in empty seats on cold beaches
waiting for the rebirth and warmth
of a morning sun waking,
I spoke your name
and made you real for but a moment.