we escape the fodder
of morning views gone awry,
the darkness illuminated
as the words fall endlessly
and miring the mind
in a pool of waste.
The curtains part
as the pastel beauty steals away
the thoughts in need
of relief.
Tender shoots rise to greet
with a happy dance they sway
mesmerizing and giving lift
into the sun that rises
like thye spirit found.
Routine plays day by day
and the brew slips in to stir
the mind into an action needed,
stretching bones
becoming one with the silence,
letting the manic chatter of the world go
and reaching out to embrace
the finest gifts of morn.

Another morning waking to the negative news chatter and still finding escape in visions of beauty. Walk time is here, the girls are motivated and now we move forward in a light step. Happy Monday peeps.