Stages of flow

Easing between the posts,
the milestones marked in levels
like watermarks rising and dipping
we measure our thoughts and feelings
against yesterdays lessons and knowing
tomorrow is still some time away.
Illuminating the positives
we walk on the water of courage
never peering down into the depths,
but gracefully stepping
farther into unknown
eager to find the wave of energy
to carry us home.
Systems of orbs move high
above our threshold a dream awaits
in the stage of flow
we are bouyed by the energy
drifting and gazing
our languid thoughts ebb and flow
and as we reach the edges,
we step onto the shifting ground
and fall in to the rhythm of our lives,
in and out of the moments aware
we fall in and become
our truest selves.

Getting back into the groove of stream of consciousness writing, realizing at times how much I miss the spilling of words from the regions unknown, the pockets of images in my mind and another beautiful day on tap to lift them up and out. Peace and blessings and oh happy day to all.