Drops of beauty

Hanging on the edge of thought
a thousand drops of memories
like rain fall through
captured in open hands that wait
to quench the thirst of need.
Shades of favorites linger
as the scent of peace drifts in
the curtains wave like aimless flags.
Effortless in their task,
they filter the light of a harsh hot sun
and soothe with coolness
the dampened brow.
Drops of beauty linger
in the mind that searches for a path,
the linear clouds reach out beyond
hanging like ornaments on blue,
we see the images of our imagination
dancing across before our eyes,
and the dainty lavender of a fresh bed
blooms endless beneath a needed rain,
damp and beautiful in its imperfection
as it waits to become
the glory of its destiny,
as does those who stop to notice
such simple things
sitting beneath a window to the quiet room,
where words are created by the restless mind
and a universe blooms where planted.