All that is

We exist somewhere
beyond the knowledge of reality
in the cradle of belief,
we create to live
in the flowing of tides and words.
The heart fills and empties,
overflowing with the goodness seen
as we swim through the depths of wonder
and ask questions of the stars
even when silence is the only answer.
All that is
lay somewhere within,
the I that is
laughing with mirth
as the dreams and thoughts pass
through the hollow emptiness,
like tunnels of space
we keep moving forward
for we know that retreat is folly.
Yesterday sits on a shelf
and the book waits for more thoughts
for empty pages are sad
and an overflowing mind only knows
the coolness of water that washes away
the dirt and dust,
leaving a sparkle and shine
that touches within.

17 thoughts on “All that is

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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