Flight of word

In the waking moments,
caught in the vortex of dreams
swirling in flight of words
beauty and wonder fill the senses
and I fly amongst a thousand blue butterflies
through the forest of memory.
I am carried forward
serene and flowing like a lazy river,
seeing all before me
stretched out into an infinite scene,
there is no end
just a calm-like fog settling
cool and refreshing,
I slip into the ethereal cloud
and wrap the thought like a blanket
snug and sound
around my soul.
Flight of words rise,
awakened in the hours of magic
and although I try to gather them in one place,
they flutter about out of reach
playfully moving about before me
catch me if you can, their game
and through a joy found
I stand amid the whirling beauty
and feel the bliss that overflows
a happy heart.