Within the arms

Light plays with shadows
driverless road in and through,
shades and hues of dull to bright
moving as day passes on,
carrying the images
of what you wish to see.
Ribbons of sun drapes around and about,
Maypole of youth remembered fondly,
as days passed drive us forward seeking
yesterday once more.
We never fall back,
down the rabbit hole perhaps in dreams,
hazy summers spent idly in the shade
reading a tale beneath the boughs,
where do we find time now
as age whispers things in ears that close
thinking no, wait
we have become too old for such trivial pursuits,
rush rush the clock charges our beating heart
move fast no time to waste,
but somewhere in that dying light
where branches hang waiting
in our thoughts we climb once more
to the highest part
with no fear left in our soul,
for we become one with our small selves
once more feeling life course through,
and with a smile we return,
finding our feet on firm ground
yet knowing our head
still sits amongst the clouds.