Into the wild

We ride the current of this moment,
fierce and free
into the wild unknown
seeing the horizon that waits for us,
skimming the surface
yet knowing there lies so much more
in the depths of a daydream,
we drift on
with an open heart.
Midnight skies dappled
with the grace of a million stars,
twinkling on the deepest cloth
of a heaven that sits waiting
for a tomorrow yet to come.
Hitch hike across the blue-
wide open spaces that know no name,
for we have come in the twillight
with open arms to embrace
the beauty of this timeless place.

Shining on

We keep the calm
breathing in fits and starts,
the brain wired to yesterday
and the memories of moments pass through
the tunnel view of the child.
Shining on in bits and pieces,
glittering do-dads bring a smile
and the stars that twinkle high above
are a relief when clouds pass by
and the dark of night calls to me
in memories of a thousand fireflies waiting.
How time moves past
when we stop paying attention
and we stare into tomorrow hoping
for just a little more harmony,
a beautiful sun to rise,
and a word of kindness to share.
We are shining on
in the photographs and memories
as we stand still eager
to take that next step forward,
not sure where and when,
just knowing that it all falls in the right place
and at the perfect time
to light the world in supreme ecstasy of togetherness,
to keep on shining on
with the blessings of stars spread
from pocket to pocket,
hand to hand
across this tattered land.

Mornings glory

Greeting the freshness of now,
morning slips off her darkest robes
and settles into the perfection
of a soft gown of pastel colour,
stretching to touch the baby blue hues
eyes eager to find the sign
of a blessed day to come.
Air hangs heavy like thoughts,
thunder and lightning now far from here,
sight and sound breathes calm
and I fall into peace staring off to the heavens
listening to the rhythm
of the beating of a heart
alive in the moment
finding a simple bliss.

Wild weather yesterday with lightning and thunder that rattled the house, love a good storm this time of year, water to nourish and cleanse and a morning sky filled with watercolor hues always allows my day to begin in a blissful calm I relish. Happy Momday my friends, keep calm and motor on.