Edges found at trails end
as journeys give time
the mind gathers thoughts
alphabetized in the shelves of the mind
endless untold stories
on the cusp of the tongue.
Beneath the endless skies
the memory wanders untethered
slipping in and out of focus
beneath the blazing heat that moves
a wavy-gravy hodge podge of moments
dripping like rain that gathers its crowd
in the billowing clouds it spills unheard.
Unprepared, the minions move
in the frenzied way of a child at play,
as the beauty of a world above changes
the illumination of a thought rises up
spilling in rainbows in the darkness
and night can only hide so much
for the stars that glitter
across a velvet field
are diamonds of a lost world grasping
at the shiny things just out of reach,
a thought slips through
born of fire and ice,
weak yet growing strong
as time goes by.
There can be no excuse
just a slipping away unseen,
time an element of no meaning
just a name given,
the essence of a soul drifts
neither here nor there,
just being,
a seed on the wind.