Slow motion

In the throes of everyday
playing in the castle by the sea,
moments move in a hazy blur
slow but sure,
images pass by
as we while away the time
never a hurry
for it will wait
as it always will
for all we know.
Pleasure of paradise
ocean side views where the dolphins play
and we laugh unexpectedly
at the merriment of the day
and the gifts it gives
never ceases to bring
a smile.
Playground of today
for tomorrow the day to day resumes
and whisked away
no time to play
till the sun goes down
but that’s okay
’cause a refreshed mind
knows how to find
the balance between.

I apologize for my absence of late, needing to recharge the batteries as another round of two six day weeks will find me in go-go mode. Still playing catch up and I’ll be by to finish the rounds, no fears. Thanks for sticking around my chaotic schedule, I miss my time here but feel more mentally balanced and so thankful for that. See you shortly, promise💜 Peace and blessings and photo found on Pixabay💜 K


12 thoughts on “Slow motion

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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