Wildness of clouds

Skies live in eager states
ever changing form.
As we gaze into the depths
seeing all we could imagine,
we are left wonderous
not knowing quite how it eclipses our hopes.
Dreams become realized
with the sincerest form of joy and bliss,
with just a look above,
Who do we become?
Our journey taking us forward
deeper into realms realized,
we gaze at the mirror
seeing unfamiliar selves,
looking back in the deeper state,
we step into the new form
finding the comfort spot
we tuck in gently
becoming familiar with this new skin,
ever aware of the fit.
We are in the throes,
becoming for a moment
something new and unique
almost a doppelganger of the cloud forms we see,
stormy or calm
it matters not
for now we drift on the winds
the keepers of our tomorrows,
all we imagine
all that we can be.

Another day at work, written on lunch break and hoping it brings inspiration where needed, as the clouds of late here in sunny/cloudy FL are always a source of inspiration. Peace and blessings to all who continue to stop by, and those just passing through, I gift these words to you💜

26 thoughts on “Wildness of clouds

  1. You’re very welcome! It was such a beautiful day! My last day at my gig was yesterday. I start orientation for the new gig on Monday. So much has happened and so much is happening. I’ll have to write you! 💙 Happy Thursday, Kim!

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  2. thanks so much Nafi 🙂 they are a soothing entity and ever changing, as our the thoughts and feelings encompassed by our skin 🙂 so much going on there 🙂


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  4. I’m always intrigued by the clouds. It can be in one form, and then after looking away a moment it is in a different arrangement. Did the cloud change so suddenly, or is it as you say: am I just looking at my own conscious reflection?

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  5. I really like this!!! I often look at the clouds to gather my thoughts. I felt like this somewhat represents part of how that feels

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  6. We had the coolest day here since early May, 74 degrees. I basked in its presence during our evening walk. These words add to the blissfulness of today:

    “for now we drift on the winds
    the keepers of our tomorrows,
    all we imagine
    all that we can be.”

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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