Through the elements

Breathing in
settling thoughts gently
through the elements
as stars gaze coldly
between the spaces,
I become calm in the heart
knowing time will continue
without the focus of my attention,
like breath that rises and falls
without effort.
Feel the fire blaze and cool
into what it becomes
and I can move through the spaces
like an errant oblivious ghost,
self drifting here nor there
unattached to a singular cause
for being encompassed by it all
a wholeness fills the crevice
seeping out drop by drop
watering the parched pieces
thirsty for a soothing place
of unspoiled space beyond.
Through this minute
created by seconds
broken into eternity
there is no reality
just names we give
for that which we cannot fathom,
simplicity is the gift
wrapped in an invisible box
tied with the stars
that stand steadfast and sure.

Another day in paradise, made it through a day and night without A/C and realizing the little? things we take for granted, meditating and finding peace, looking for the good in things learned and primed for another six days of work before some normalcy (time off) resumes….Feel like temp today 100, but still, life is good. Peace and blessings and I Will be back soon my friends, promise. K