Shining on

We keep the calm
breathing in fits and starts,
the brain wired to yesterday
and the memories of moments pass through
the tunnel view of the child.
Shining on in bits and pieces,
glittering do-dads bring a smile
and the stars that twinkle high above
are a relief when clouds pass by
and the dark of night calls to me
in memories of a thousand fireflies waiting.
How time moves past
when we stop paying attention
and we stare into tomorrow hoping
for just a little more harmony,
a beautiful sun to rise,
and a word of kindness to share.
We are shining on
in the photographs and memories
as we stand still eager
to take that next step forward,
not sure where and when,
just knowing that it all falls in the right place
and at the perfect time
to light the world in supreme ecstasy of togetherness,
to keep on shining on
with the blessings of stars spread
from pocket to pocket,
hand to hand
across this tattered land.