Prying off the edges
jagged edges hiding the prize,
within the pages of the mind
turning to find
the treasure to unearth.
Images and ideas
blow free in a restless wind,
drying the surface of misted moments
parched and empty
when nothing found.
We come here often,
this endless landscape of nothing
where anything and everything
once existed in the harmony,
now emptiness waits
for the hand to create,
guided by the spirit
who plays the games of hide and seek,
and we still turn the rocks
searching endlessly,
moving back and forth
thinking perhaps here
or there,
or in the distance beyond view
we feel it waiting
for the return of a magic
lost in the maelstrom,
soaring above this ground
we wait for it to fall down once more,
where we can claim the gift
of a word or two
that bears the meaning effortlessly,
and gifts the finder
with it all.


5 thoughts on “Unearthed

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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